Vienna Modern Masters 2066

Kindred Spirits, music for shinobue, composed and performed by David Loeb (b. 1939)

Takeori II [5:17] , David Loeb (USA, 1939)
David Loeb (shinobue)
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Takeori III [3:25]
Chanting Ancient Tales [9:30]
David Loeb (shinobue), Vita Wallace (violin)
Music of an Autumn Night [3:07]
David Loeb (shinobue)
Teragane Godan [3:17]
Kindred Spirits [4:27]
The Wise Banyan [9:27]
David Loeb (shinobue), Koby Williamson (guitar)
Caprices [9:08]
David Loeb (shinobue)
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