Vienna Modern Masters 2067

Don Walker: Music for Woodwinds

The King of Poland for Bassoon and Piano [7:48] , Don Walker (USA, 1941)
Roman Mesina (bassoon), Ladislav Fancovic (piano)
Three Pieces for Clarinet and Piano [6:52]
Jozef Luptacik (clarinet), Ladislav Fancovic (piano)
Third Woodwind Quintet [13:40]
Cyril Sikula (flute), Igor Fabera (oboe), Jozef Luptacik (clarinet)
The Peacock and the Ocelot [6:09]
Cyril Sikula (flute), Ladislav Fancovic (piano)
Lyric Pieces for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano [7:57]
I. Fabera (oboe), R. Mesina (bassoon), L. Fancovic (piano)
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Les Très Riches Heures for Oboe and Piano [10:50]
Julia Galova (oboe), Magdalena Bajuszdva (piano)
For Carl Ruggles for Piano and Woodwind Quintet [8:46]
OEGZM Ensemble of Vienna
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