Vienna Modern Masters 2019

The Poems of Our Climate

The Poems of our Climate (1977, rev. 1982) [8:23] , Darrell Handel (USA, 1933)
Sheryl Woods (soprano), Pamela Watson (flute), Brian Delay (guitar), Anton Nel (piano), Val Griffen (cello), Allan Otte, James Culley, Jack Brennan (percussion), Gerhard Samuel (conductor)
Trio (1990) [9:54]
Sara Lambert Bloom (oboe), Benjamin Jew (English horn), Frank Weinstock (piano)
Flute City (1988) [11:30]
Bradley Garner (flute), Frank Weinstock (piano)
The Tyger (1984) [8:41]
Mary Henderson (soprano), Sara Lambert Bloom (oboe), Gabrielle Robinson (violin), Jina Lee (violin), Rebecca Boughton (viola), Deborah Netanel (cello), Mark Butler (piano), Christopher Zimmerman (conductor)
A Recitative for Guitar (1976) [5:30]
Rodney Stucky (guitar)
Scherzo (1965) [5:08]
Eugene Pridonoff (piano)
Barge Music (1994) [18:22]
Bradley Garner (alto flute), Rodney Stucky (guitar), Jon Pascolini (double bass), Allen Otte, Russell Burge (percussion)
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