Vienna Modern Masters 2028

Nancy van de Vate, Chamber Music, vol. V

Night Journey (1996) [8:23] , Nancy Van de Vate (USA/ Austria, 1930)
Antoinette van Zabner (piano)
A Night in the Royal Ontario Museum for soprano and tape (1984) [11:28]
Michelle Vought (soprano)
Six Etudes for Solo Violin (1969) [8:00]
Michael Davis (violin)
Songs for the Four Parts of the Night (1986) [9:19]
Evelyn Petros (soprano), Nancy van de Vate (piano)
Four Fantasy Pieces for Flute and Piano (1993) [7:35]
Ann Marie Yasinitsky (flute), Gerald Berthiaume (piano)
Fantasy for Harpsichord (1982) [3:46]
Ewa Gabrys (harpsichord)
Six Early Songs (1960-'62) [15:03]
Evelyn Petros (soprano), Nancy van de Vate (piano)
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