About this web site

For some years I've been making radio programs. I found it quite difficult to get information about releases by CD companies, specialized in less common music (contemporary classical as well as innovative pop music). At the same time I've been developing web sites for all kinds of non profit organizations. When talking with Clyde Smith (President of Vienna Modern Masters) I proposed to make a web site in order to let 'the world' know what magnificent music is released by Vienna Modern Masters. Meanwhile the CD's, released by VMM, can be found on this web site. People, wanting to get more information about the releases can contact Vienna Modern Masters by E-mail.
I realize that more CD companies have the same problem, so I decided to offer my help to other companies, also getting less attention than they earn. Another advantage is that their music can be broadcast by our (dutch) radio station.
If you want to have your releases published on this web site, please contact me, Geert de Vos. You can also have a look at my other sites at http://www.xs4all.nl/~gdv