Nancy Van de Vate's new opera, Hamlet, released on a three-CD album


Nancy Van de Vate's new opera, Hamlet, based on the play by William Shakespeare, has just been released on a three-CD album, VMM 4008, from Vienna Modern Masters. In five acts, the opera features a distinguished international cast, with three soloists from the US, three from Vienna, one from South Africa, one from Greece, and one from Colombia. The excellent Moravian Philharmonic and Zerotin Academic Choir from Olomouc, Czech Republic are also heard on this new recording, conducted by Petr Vronsky of Prague. The composer has been invited to present a guest lecture about the opera on March 26 at the University of Vienna and on April 26 at the Institute for European Studies (IES Abroad) in Vienna. Van de Vate's opera, Where the Cross Is Made, was broadcast by Swiss Radio on March 18. A concert in Vienna on April 12, presented by the Society for Austrian Music will feature several of her chamber works. Recent broadcasts of the composer's music have been reported from many countries including Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Japan. Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Slovak Republic, South Africa, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the USA. All of her recorded works, as well as those of the entire Vienna Modern Masters catalog, are now available worldwide through the Naxos Music Library digital distribution system.

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