The compositions of AARON RABUSHKA include chamber music, concertos, orchestral works, and vocal music. A native of St. Louis, he received two degrees from Indiana University, where he studied counterpoint with Bernhard Heiden, a decisive experience in his development as a composer. He then lived and worked fn Central Missouri for 15 years, where he was active in radio as a classical music program producer and producer of the weekly Spectrum of Jewish Music, a series he founded. He now resides in Fort Worth, Texas. In 1993 he produced recordings of a dozen of his compositions in collaboration with the Bohuslav Martinu Philharmonic in Zlin. Several of these are now available on Vienna Modem Masters compact discs.

CONCERTO VOCALE is based on Psalm 126 (125 in the Cacholic Psalter), a dreaming and powerful poem that looks to past and future happiness from a not-so-happy present. Its structure evolved intuitively, guided by the text of the Psalm. The tide CONCERTO VOCALE derives from the vocal concertos of the Baroque Era in which the interactions of individual voices and instruments expressed and expanded the meaning of the text. The soprano soloist sings the Psalm's text from the Targum Onkelos, one of the Aramaic translations of the Bible. The instruments respond to her declamations, with flute and violin being prominendy featured as soloists.

Aaron Rabushka