SONJA GROSSNER was born in the UK, where she received her earliest musical training. A holiday trip to Dresden in 1960 turned into a permanent stay in the former East Germany, and she subsequently studied violin and composition at the Carl Maria von Weber Hochschule Für Musik in Dresden, then worked as both a music teacher and violinist in the Freiberg Theatre Orchestra and at the Dresden Operetta Theatre. Following her return to the UK in 1984, she continued her work as an instrumental tutor. In 1995 she completed an MA course in composition at De Montfort University, studying with Gavin Bryars. She is now working towards the PhD at Birmingham Conservatoire. Her career in composition has brought her much acclaim in recent years.

DESTINY was written in October-November, 1998. It is a dramatic and exciting piece in Four sections. The main theme, introduced in the first section, is a twelve-tone row representing the twelve months of the year. It is repeated in different ways, not only rhythmic, but also in mirror reflection and as a semi-quaver mauve. A quaver motive represents the beat of the human heart. The title DESTINY seemed appropriate for this idea. Although the work has a dramatic character, it should also convey the attitude that determination and resolution can determine one's destiny. The third section dissolves into a dramatic rhythmic conversation between percussion and strings, before returning to the opening material. The piece ends with the calling of trumpets and trombones.

Sonja Grossner