Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1936, BURT LEVY studied with Homer Keller at the University of Oregon-Eugene and with Kenneth Gaburo and Herbert Brün and, briefly, with Salvatore Marrirano and Ben Johnston at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he earned a Doctor of Musical Arts in composition. His dissertation “A Systems Theory Approach co Musical Composition,” (Lejaren Hiller, advisor) includes some of the work of Joseph Schillinger among in ideas for an algorithmic-styled analytic model.

His teaching has induded music theory, composition and electronic music at Western Illinois University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, State University of New York-Albany, the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Levy now teaches composition as an adjunct instructor and produces the yearly Composers at Ole Miss concerts at the University of Mississippi in Oxford.

Burt Levy’s THROUGHPUT with Piano Trio (2005) was commissioned by the Mississippi Music Teachers Association For its 2005 Fall convention held on the Oxford campus of the University of Mississippi. Written for the Oxford Piano Trio, the premiere of the work took place during the two-day convention. The music reflects the varying motions and remembrances the composer imagines a person experiences when someone important in their life passes away. Sources as diverse as late fourteenth century French secular music and a late Beethoven string quartet variation movement are the roots of the familiar style of the music, which is dedicated to the composer’s Father.