Music from Six Continents, 2010 series

Gregory W. Yasinitsky

Magic and Concertino for Flute and Orchestra, though 21 years apart, both feature solo flute in concerto-like settings, and were written for and dedicated to my wife, Ann Marie Yasinitsky. I hoped to capture in these two compositions her exquisite phrasing, spellbinding technique, and infectious enthusiasm for life.

I composed Magic in my early 30s, still under the influence of my teachers, but striving to establish an independent compositional voice. Academic circles in the early 1970s eschewed tonality, melody, and regular rhythms in favor of abstract and harshly chromatic composition. With Magic, I turned these ideas on their heads, featuring unabashedly lyrical melodies, driving rhythms, and diatonic modes and harmonies similar to those used by jazz composers. The flute plays florid, elaborate melodic statements accompanied by rhythmic, repeating figures in strings, piano and percussion.

Magic is in three movemenrs. Freezeframe is built largely around static, "frozen" harmonic motion from C major to B minor. Slow Motion includes material from the soundtrack for the slow motion section of the Zafer Dogan film "Reconstruction." The Natural is my tribute ro Ann, the finest, most natural musician l have ever known. The creation of Magie was supported by a grant from Washington State University and was recorded there in February 2009.

Gregory Yasinitsky