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Vienna Modern Masters

Vienna Modern Masters is a nonprofit American company which produces and internationally distributes compact discs of contemporary classical music. Its Music from Six Continents 3000-series, the company's principal focus, presents distinguished orchestral and orchestral-choral music from around the world. Its Portrait, Chamber Music and Solo 2000-series primarily presents unusual new music in smaller forms. Vienna Modern Masters has no stylistic, gender, ethnic, geographic or other bias in its choice of music to appear on the label. Its only criterion is musical merit. For the present, for recordings VMM itself supervises, the company prefers to record in Eastern Europe, where superb orchestras and soloists are particularly accustomed to recording new music at moderate cost. Pre-recorded master tapes of excellent quality may also be submitted for VMM's consideration by composers, conductors, publishers or performers from any country in the world.

Nancy Van de Vate, President